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You may already be eagerly waiting on submitting your algorithm and are awaiting instructions on how to do that. But wait no longer, because we’re finally done with preparing everything to get you started.

We have teamed up with the great guys at in order to have a fully automatic evaluation of docker images on the test sets. Grand-challenge has a great new feature (that we are beta-testing with this challenge) that can evaluate docker containers on a data set – just exactly what we needed.

In this github repository, you can find an example algorithm for mitosis detection that you can change according to your needs:

There is also a brief youtube video where the first part (dockering your algorithm) is described:


  1. Dear Organizer

    I am confused about that what is the meaning of ‘minor’ in the output json file?

    Best regards

    • Dear Amanda,

      the major/minor is just the versioning of the file. Just leave those fields as they are. I will set up a post about the expected output format on Monday. Let me know if there is still confusion.



  2. Dear Organizer

    Thanks for your last reply. I have another problem now. I follow the to make and submit my docker. But at the last step, ‘Creating an “Algorithm” on GrandChallenge and submitting your solution to the MIDOG Challenge’, I have no permission to access the page



      • Hello Marc,

        Sorry I didn’t phrase that very well, I meant can we submit two algorithms as a team?


        • Dear Jack,

          sorry that it took a while to respond but I had to align with my co-organizers. So, in general, we would encourage you to stick with one favored solution. However, if you have two competing and sufficiently differing ideas in mind (both of which you need to describe, of course), then feel free to do that. I‘m not sure how it works out technically on grand-challenge, but in doubt we can manage to sort things out manually afterwards. Please contact us (via the gmail challenge address) when submitting so we can make sure we have the same understanding of which algorithms you want to have counted and which description applies to which docker container.



  3. Hello again,

    In the windows version of the test file (test.bat) the if/else statement is currently running as two separate statements. This can be fixed by changing the else line to:
    ) else (
    rather than:


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